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The CPM team offers the professional development of your employees without the risks that the classic way of organizing training currently carries.

CPM trainers have decades of experience in the implementation of methodology and software trainings, which is a guarantee that you will receive practically applicable knowledge in CPM trainings that will help you to be more successful in your projects. We are moving boldly and decisively to the implementation of blended learning technologies in education:

  • CPM organizes interactive ONLINE trainings, so that multiple participants from different teams participate in the training;
  • CPM training is open to all interested parties, wherever they live and work. You need to have good internet access to participate;
  • CPM trainer is in online contact with the trainees and provides comprehensive interaction during the training.
  • CPM trainings are fully interactive, with two-way real-time communication between all participants, providing all the benefits of on premise training;
  • CPM training hours are standard working hours - from 9am to 4pm, with scheduled regular session breaks during training;
  • All trainees will receive CPM training plan at their e-mail addresses prior to training so they can prepare for and actively participate in the training;
  • Upon completion of CPM training, all participants will receive a CPM certificate of attendance in electronic form, and in addition upon your request, the CPM certificate will be sent to you by mail at the desired address;
  • During the State of Emergency in Serbia, all CPM trainees will be provided with free CPM mentorship follow up support.

All your inquiries regarding the selected CPM training please send by email to: and (any time) or call CPM office directly: +38111 3130703 (8am to 4pm).